Thursday, July 27, 2006

On a roll

Three days in a row. w00t!

So over the weekend, with my new ride, I put on about 300 miles. It was nice riding. Along route 50 on the Ohio River for awhile, then out into Indiana. A member of the Total Motorcycle forums is riding from Philly to San Diego. He stay with some of my riding friends, that I also met on the same site, up in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Another of our riding friends came down from Marysville, Ohio. After a Friday night of paryting, and a late Saturday start, we rode west with him for awhile. Scan and I had to turn back in Versailles, Ind due to time constraints, while Holiday and Zootech rode on to St. Louis.

Well I decided to stop and see my grandparents since we where in their neck of the woods. When we got to their farm, I had a message from Darcy on the cell phone saying she called into work and that I could take my time now. Nice. So we ate lunch with my grandparents and hung out a bit. My brother Fred and his wife Kristine showed up. So we bullshitted with them a bit too. When we rolled out we took route 48 to route 101 to route 46 back to Ohio and then Harrison Ave all the way into Cincinnati. Nice riding there for sure. Lots of bugs met their doom on our bikes and faceshields. I got in a wee bit of trouble with Darcy for not returning her call to let her know that we were going to take our time. She was still expecting us a 3 and Scan and I rolled in to my driveway about 5:30. After that Scan rode up to the Gaslight Bar and Grill and got some grub while Darcy, me and the kids went to the pool for Riley's end of season party and awards for swimteam. Riley was very jazzed that she got a trophy; her first. Lots of good food too.

After that we met back up with Scan at our house, put the kids to bed and ended partying and watching MotoGP all night followed by Hell's Angels on Wheels. Jack Nicholsons acting sure improved over the course of his career. Thats for sure. Scan rolled home to Yellow Springs sunday morning and I mowed the grass after we got some lunch.

All said and done, I put about 270 some miles on the bike from it having 0 when I picked it up Friday night to getting home Saturday evening. Not bad. Still a few hundred miles to go to finish the break in period. I can't wait. I want to ride it normally instead of like mad to get it broke in.


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