Sunday, July 30, 2006

The weekend

I played softball Friday night. Here it is Sunday and I can hardly move. It wasn't bad yesterday, but today my legs are killing me. I really need to start running again.

I did a little riding this weekend.

About 30 miles in one trip on Saturday. I stopped by my uncle Bob's place to show off the bike to him. He is the only other member of my family that rides. And I don't see him that often. He liked it. We only hung out for 15 minutes or so. My cousin Ryan had a soccer tournament to go to and they needed to get rolling. My helmet did manage to fall off the handle bars while I was there. I was pissed. Hopefully there is no hidden damage because I can't really afford a new one. Then I rode over to the westside last night to go bar hopping with my brothers Dan and Fred and his wife Kristine. It was fun. Just hanging out in bars and drinking beer. Dan and Fred bought all night long because they said they were taking me out for my birthday.

Well off to take Riley to a birthday party and then Darcy and I are gonna get coffee.


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