Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The funk

Egads. I think I caught some stomach funk from my brothers house. He and his kids were down with it last week. I slept on his couch after a night of drinking and ever since have had the stomach from hell. I'll spare the juicy details (hahaha).

Darcy is going to get her temps for her motorcycle license this week. I am excited for her. She's been wanting to do it for a long time but put it off until after she graduated. Then she said she was going to do it next spring. I think me getting the new motorcycle has inspired her. She picked up the motorcycle packet from the BMV last week and has been studying the booklets. She will take the written test sometime this week.

I haven't sold the GS650L because we were gonna save it for her to ride. Great plan but the problem is the bike is a bit too tall for her. The options are: shaving the seat and buying platform boots for her to wear. Prolly the easiest and cheapest. If that doesn't lower it enough, then trying to chase down lowering blocks for a 25 year old bike. Bleagh. Thirdly, sell it and try to find something cheap and lower. This kinda sucks. I already had it sold but decided to back out because we figured lowering it wouldn't be so tough. But now it's starting to look like it might be a bit troublesome if it goes beyond seat modification. I also feel bad for backing out of the deal with the kid I had to sold to. He was jazzed about getting his first bike and really liked my old one. Though that deal had problems with location. He is in South Carolina and I am here, in Ohio. A meet in Knoxville was agreed to but it would've still been very difficult for me to make arrangements to get there. Darcy couldn't have taken me due to her work schedule and I couldn't think of anyone else willing to drive 5 hours to Knoxville to drop off a bike and then turn around and drive back home.

So anywho, soon Darcy will have her temps and taking the MSF basic rider course. I look forward to us riding together soon.


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