Friday, September 22, 2006


I bought my new motorcycle on July 22. Just today my backrest finally came in. I was close to calling and cancelling the order because it had been to long and I can get an aftermarket backrest off the web. Anyway, it's here now. w00t!

I would put it on this weekend but, of course, it's supposed to rain the whole weekend. Figures. Last weekend was gorgeous but we were in Marlblehead, Ohio on Lake Erie for a wedding. It was an awesome time but it would of been better if we rode up. As it is, I haven't been able to ride but once in about the last 2-3 weeks due to weather, other commitments on the weekend, or Darcy's work schedule. Starting to get irked about it. I do have light plans for a ride with my buddy Dave on Saturday but who knows if we'll get it in. *sigh*

Friday, September 01, 2006

Working for the weekend

Man, am I glad it is Friday afternoon. The last week has been rough and I have had a hard time shaking a week long funk. Death is all around, and it has been rainy and cloudy all week. My Grandma died on Friday August 27. 3 hours after I got that call, we found out the my brother-in-law Tony's dad died the same day. Then for the last 2 1/2 weeks the news has been dominated by the disappearance and death of poor little Marcus Fiesel. Such a sad, tragic story and life for a baby. It is no wonder that I have felt a little depressed all week. And there is no end in sight for the cloudy days. At for least over the weekend. I need a drink and intend to wash away these sorrows for the evening anyway. Hopefully I will get on the motorcycle for a ride this weekend. If it stays dry enough. I got more news on the MC front but will save that for a different post, when I am in a happier mood.