Friday, March 23, 2007

Day from hell

Sorry blogosphere. It's been way to long since my last post. And I know that you missed me. But I figured what a way to get back going again that to update while in the 17th hour of working on a bustificated server. Somehow Windows got corrupted and the server now randomly reboots. Could be 2 minutes after booting or 2 hours. All the hardware troubleshooting and device driver updating didn't do squat. Virus scan are a negatory. Of course last nights backups failed because the problem must have started sometime around the time they take off. So we have a USB hard drive that I am copying data onto from safe mode. Of course it's slooooowwww. It took and hour and a half to copy 6 gigs of data from the internal HDD to the USB one. Looking at probably more than 24 hours at the office here.

On a better note, that weather has started to become spring-like and I've been out riding in the warmth. I rode through the winter but not much. We're also buying a new house. The link probably won't last much longer but what the hey. Very excited about it. But what to do with the current house? Right now I think we are going to rent until the market improves. But I haven't ruled out selling to a house flipper. Hell, I take getting what I owe to get it off my hands. But my mood on it switches day to day. One day I wanna rent, the next sell. Who knows what will happen.